Director of Programming: Felicia Rosenfeld | 310.815.9625

Los Angeles Area and Southern California dance companies and choreographers

Pentacle announces the fifth cycle of

Participate in Help Desk®/L.A. and build a stable foundation that will enable you to do what you love to do most…



Who is Help Desk® for?


Help Desk® is open to all Los Angeles Area and Southern California professional dance companies, independent choreographers and performance artists who:


  • Want to move their work and artistic life forward and know they need a stronger organizational foundation to do so.
  • Want affordable, expert and personalized support from some of the Country’s most respected arts professionals.
  • Want to be part of a vibrant supportive professional dance community that explores challenges together.



Getting involved is simple:


Submit your proposal


  • A description of your organization that describes the mission of the organization, the current artistic vision of the organization, and the administrative structure of the organization.
  • A description of the goals for your organization.
  • What you hope to accomplish by participating in Help Desk®
  • A copy of your most recent IRS Form 990. If you are unincorporated, please submit a financial statement that most accurately reflects your professional artistic activities for the most recently completed calendar or fiscal year.
  • A link to or DVD of your most recent work.
  • Any marketing materials you might have related to your work or company.



Pentacle accepts participants into Help Desk® based availability and based on clarity of expectations and goals to be obtained from the partnership and commitment by the prospective participant to being a pro-active member of a professional peer community.




Your proposal should be sent via e-mail, fax or snail mail to:


Raélle Dorfan

Help Desk® Program Coordinator


bLAckwelder Campus
3201-B S. La Cienega Blvd.


Los Angeles, CA 90016
P:  310-815-9625
F:  310-815-9611




What does Help Desk® cost?


The fee for first year participation during the 2013-2014 Cycle of Help Desk®. is $600.  That comes to only $50/month.  Fees are based on the number of years participants remain in the program.


For additional information or any concerns: