Program Coordinator, Help Desk/L.A.: Raélle Dorfan | 310.815.9625

Help Desk®/L.A. supports infrastructure and works with participating dance companies, independent choreographers and performance artists to build a professional community amongst their peers. At the heart of Help Desk®/L.A. are two equally important relationships: the one between artist/company and mentor and the one between artist/company and the community.


Help Desk®/L.A. will:


  • Provide participating artists and companies with strategic planning, guidance
    and infrastructure support to their professional entity during the course of a fiscal year.
  • Provide administrative guidance with a particular project or organizational goal.
  • Work with an artist’s/company’s existing administration to strengthen
    organizational foundations and move forward.
  • Offer a forum for artists and participating non-performing partners to attend
    monthly working meetings that will foster a strong peer-based community.



Participants are paired with a mentor based on an application process that includes submission of written materials and meetings with Pentacle staff. Each participant works with a mentor to articulate the goals of the organization, determine strategies for attaining the goals and guidance in areas of infrastructure support. Regular meetings of all Help Desk®/L.A. participants and mentors will focus on issues elucidated from the issues being worked on by participants, as well as larger issues that impact the greater community—there is NO set curriculum. Participants often work on a community project derived from work undertaken during the cycle.


Help Desk®/L.A. is fluid and flexible enough to meet the diverse needs of its participants. The program focuses on helping to create viable and stable infrastructures for lightly institutionalized companies/artists and empowering them to find and create the support they need. Help Desk®/L.A. participants seek to develop a lively and supportive professional community for Los Angeles area dance and performance artists and by so doing will also support the non-performing champions of dance. A substantial accomplishment considering the stresses faced by the dance world.




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